Canadian Music Icon, Bernie Finkelstein: A Life In The Music Industry

Founder of True North Records and icon of the Canadian music industry Bernie Finkelstein has just published an exciting memoir of his life and times in the music business. It’s called True North: A Life in the Music Business, and it is brimming with fascinating stories and interesting insights into the early days of the Canadian music industry, when, with no laws to promote Canadian content, there was hardly an industry to speak off.

Bernie Finkelstein

Legendary Producer and Icon of Canadian Music, Bernie Finkelstein

A life in the music business

A life in the music business

I sat down with Bernie to discuss his checkered youth, his beginnings as a producer, the Toronto Yorkville scene of the 1960s (which was a creative breeding ground for some of the most famous musicians of the era including Neil Young and Joni Mitchell), and his life spent celebrating and fighting for homegrown Canadian musical and cultural talent.

To find out more, and to purchase a copy of his memoir, you can head to www.berniefinkelstein.com 

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