Noam Chomsky talks Climate Change and His Message to the Future

A new interview (our second) with world-renowned intellectual Noam Chomsky. In this conversation Chomsky reflects on the challenge to humanity posed by climate change, what ordinary citizens can do to combat it, and shares some of the lessons he’s gleaned from his life including what his advice would be for present and future generations concerned about the fate of the planet.

As he says on climate change: “It’s urgent for those who have the most privilege, the most opportunity, the greatest advantages, to be in the forefront instead of in the rear in trying to impede what is likely to be a serious catastrophe.” Listen to our interview below:


For our other interview with Noam Chomsky, from February 2013, in which we spoke about his activism during the Vietnam war, and the need to “confront reality” regarding the challenges and uncomfortable truths in front of us click here.

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